Petition Against the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code

Fill out the petition form below, then click the “Sign Now” button.  You can also click here to print out the petition for friends, neighbors, and relatives to sign if they do not have access to a computer.  Follow the instructions on the printed petition for drop off locations or returning it directly to us.  Copies of the petition are also available for you to sign at either Zaffina’s Beer Distributor or Lewandowski Equipment Rental.

NOTE:  Two different people cannot use the same email address to sign the petition, for instance, a husband and wife that share an email address.  The 2nd name will not be recorded.  In this case, please sign the petition jointly, entering both of your names on the same petition.

Petition Against the Adoption of the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code

Upper Tyrone Supervisors:


54 signatures

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One thought on “Petition Against the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code

  1. The 2012 International Property Maintenance Code is part of the UN Agenda 21 and is an onerous and unconstitutional limitation on and interference with our property rights.

    Similar insidious nationwide efforts are being sold to unsuspecting local municipal managers and elected officials as “good” for our communities, but they very much are not. It is a takeover.

    This is the tip of a coming Communist-Socialist iceberg which will destroy liberties and our traditional American way of life.

    Inform yourself. This is an executive summary of Agenda 21:

    This must be stopped.

    Thank you, Bill Steiner Mt. Pleasant, PA

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