Transit of Venus – Once in a Lifetime

Watch it LIVE here.

Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun this evening, June 5th, starting about 6:05PM.  Venus will be visible on the face of the sun as a small dot moving slowly across the Sun.  This event happens about once every 100 years (next time is the year 2117).

Do NOT look directly at the sun.  You must use something like welders glass or some other VERY powerful light filter to observe this even with the naked eye or with binoculars or a telescope.  Attempting to photograph the event can destroy the sensor in your camera unless, here again, a very powerful light filter is used over the camera lens.

Read more here:

How to safely watch the Transit of Venus: read more here.

Tax Hike Voted In by School Board

They didn’t hear YOU! On May 24, 2012, Southmoreland Directors Beistel, Kauffman, Love, Miller, Pawlikowsky, Rhodes and Bentz voted to INCREASE your taxes. Directors Alt and Fike voted AGAINST a tax increase.

At the voting meeting on June 27, 2012, 7:00pm., Middle School Cafeteria, the Directors will vote on the final budget.

If you cannot afford another tax increase, come out to the meeting (June 27) and tell your elected representatives to take the tax increase out of the budget and vote, ‘NO’ to a tax increase!

Conduct at Meetings

I did not like some of the conduct I observed at the Supervisors’ meeting on Monday.  There were some rather inflammatory things said.  We the People may vigorously disagree with the current effort to adopt the 2012 IPMC or the actions taken since the March meeting.  However, that does not give anyone license to threaten or harass the supervisors or to be openly disrespectful.